Links This guy is great Look for Ron's new Book on Illustrator Bud Peen's Website John has eaten over 4000 lunches with Ward John's page for the Baltimore Sun- They liked it so much they're selling it! Mitch Anthony interviews John for his "Creating Success" Podcast. San Francisco Chronicle interview

Oldstyle robots Review of John's Gallery show at Canessa Gallery in 2007 "How to" Illustration article about John's technique. John's Art in a German Mickey Mouse Museum. John's Neighborhood This art has become the Logo for the California Bullet Train Rare look at what happens when John uses Photoshop. The Castro poster won an award from the New York Society of Illustrators New York Society of Illustrators "Step inside design" magazine award Logo for my good friends at Boffo PC world PC World's readers are certainly critical. John's first (But not last) stamp Nice guys Wine label and my favorite logo Help John find a faceplate for his 1937 Waterwitch outboard motor. A good cause; agood client; good chocolate, too. John Bio and selected works John's poster helped them meet their financial goal. In company with Tom Hanks and Keanu Reeves





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